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B Amazed: Finger Foods

Blog,Lifestyle 09/05/2012 10:18 AM

Finger food is a fine art – but it’s no longer about the taste. Shay Aaron has become a world renowned artist for the intricate detail in his miniature clay creations.

Looking at the intense detail, you’d never believe they were made out of clay, with everything down to the tiny tomato seeds being replicated.

Shay has created everything from miniature cola bottles, to a full roast dinner in equal size to a penny. Using polymer clay, he sculpts the miniatures from house hold items like toothbrushes, foil and table cloths, to get the texture.

His inspiration is sourced from around the world, constantly looking up new and interesting dishes to shrink down to 1:12 doll house scale.

Shay is currently in the process of creating the “ultimate doll house”, taking inspiration from his own collections of miniatures, he aims to finish one section a year.

If not just to stare at in awe, his pieces can also be used for style!

Virtually all of his tiny food creations have been transformed into jewellery, you can find the pitta wraps, buttered toast and shallot onion accessories on his Etsy store.

To lose yourself in the minute detail, see more of his work on his

Flickr and Facebook pages.

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