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Valentine’s Day Retreats

Blog 08/02/2013 3:13 PM

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, at JulesB we’ve been debating the most romantic places in the world. Is Hawaii your idea of an exotic getaway? Is Paris your city of romance? Maybe you’re more cosmopolitan and fancy a few days of whirlwind romance in New York?  Possibly a few days exploring the old city of Edinburgh would be a perfect Valentine’s break? Or perhaps you’re a sun-seeker and the idea of England in February is enough to make you pack your bags for a week in Santorini. We’ve collected our ideas about where the perfect Valentine’s getaway is, where to stay and what to do while you’re there.


Most often referred to as the most romantic city in the world, Paris is the perfect getaway for Valentine’s Day. The Eurostar will take you right into the heart of Paris, where you can hail a taxi or use the subway to get from arrondissement to arrondissement. The tourist attractions in Paris are extensive, from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre; there are multiple historical sites to visit in the city. A trend has arisen in recent years  on the bridges across the River Seine, where couples attach a padlock to the chain-linked bridges with their names on, then throw the key into the river. The love-padlocks are known as  “les cadenas d’amour” and are said to eternalise the love of the couple and grant them good fortune in their life together. Paris is a beautiful city to explore, but if you need some direction one of our favourite places is Le Grand Palais. Home of the Chanel fashion shows, Le Grand Palais oozes sophistication and style and is located just off Les Champs-Elysées where you can also find  the Arc De Triomphe.

Where To Stay…

We absolutely love Hotel Beaubourg, a small boutique hotel located just behind the Charles Pompidou centre. With a charming underground breakfast room and an afternoon tea terrace in a courtyard garden, Hotel Beaubourg is beautifully bespoke and a perfect location to access local cafes, shops and attractions. Plus with a variety of rooms, there’s a suite to suit every budget!

The Terrace Suite at Hotel Beaubourg, Paris



Home to some of the most picturesque islands in the world, Hawaii is complete paradise for those seeking sun, sea, sand and luxury. The Kahala Resort Hotel is renowned across the islands for its opulence and solace. In Hawaii you can relax into complete bliss, you can swim with dolphins, you can explore and experience cultural events and festivals or you can while away the afternoon in a spa. Hawaii is famed for its beauty, its mountainous terrain and volcanoes. The island can be explored by hiking, horseback riding or by boat. This is the ultimate romantic destination for couples who want to relax in a luxurious and culture-filled paradise. Of course there are the smaller islands to visit too, all of which are accessible if you travel with a cruise company or book flights to travel between them.

Where To Stay…

We’ve been lusting after the Kahala Resort Hotel which is in Honolulu on Hawaii Island. The resort is idyllic in appearance and full of luxury. It includes its own private lagoon where guests can swim with dolphins, as well as its own spa and four restaurants. The Kahala Resort is the definition of paradise, you will want for nothing in this decadent place of rest and relaxation.

Ocean Front Suite at The Kahala Resort Hotel


New York

If you prefer to spend your time being immersed in city lifestyle rather then New York is the place for you. Exciting, fast paced and completely cosmopolitan, we love the idea of spending Valentine’s Day on 5th Avenue and Broadway. Times Square by night is a vision of fluorescent lights and late-night shopping; Central Park by day is an oasis of tranquillity and romance. Within New York there are a host of mini-cultures; from Little Italy and Chinatown to downton Manhattan and Staten Island, each location offers its own unique culture. The tourist attractions are endless: catch a show in Times Square, visit Chinatown for the markets, go to Soho for some truly unique shopping, or just soak up the luxury of 5th Avenue. The city never sleeps, so at night don’t expect a quiet night in. Restaurants, cocktail bars and elegant roof top settings means your Valentine’s Day will be unlike any you’ve ever had before.

Where To Stay…

With hotels all over the world specialising in luxury and grandeur, The Mandarin Oriental Hotel boasts the most impressive location and views in New York. With views across Central Park and the Manhattan skyline, The Mandarin Oriental provides guests with an ideal central location, making exploring and transport easy. With a variety of rooms, each with a unique view, The Mandarin Oriental is the perfect setting for a cosmopolitan Valentine’s Day.

Central Park View Suite at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel



The historical city of Edinburgh is the ideal mini-break. Conveniently accessed by train from within the United Kingdom, the city is varied in culture meaning you’ll feel a million miles from day-to-day life. Tourist attractions include a visit to Edinburgh Castle, shopping on Princes Street, the Zoo (where you can visit the two pandas) and the gothic features of the old churches and cathedrals. In Edinburgh you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to bed and breakfasts and guest houses as well as city-centre hotels, but here at JulesB we love anything related to fashion so we’re all hoping to be treated to a stay at Hotel Missoni on the Royal Mile. There are also multiple galleries and museums to explore, getting lost in the National Museum of Scotland is perfect for a rainy afternoon or The Fruitmarket Gallery behind Waverley Station is perfect for anyone interested in contemporary art.

Where To Stay…

Here at JulesB HQ we love all things fashion, so when we found out one of our favourite brands had created a hotel we couldn’t wait to read more about Hotel Missoni. Situated on the Royal Mile in central Edinburgh, Hotel Missoni is a cosmopolitan haven in the middle of the historical city. Bold, passionate and uniquely Missoni, this is the ultimate hotel experience for the fashion conscious traveller. Choose from a selection of rooms and suites and don’t miss out on dinner at the signature restaurant Cucini which boasts a delicious Italian inspired menu. If you’re feeling indulgent, there’s a spa too!

The Suite d’Argento at Hotel Missoni Edinburgh



Often known as the most exclusive, romantic island in the world, Santorini is the honeymooners and couples destination of choice. With idyllic views, stunning sunsets and complete luxury, Santorini is the ideal location for a romantic getaway. There are multiple luxury hotels to choose from, but we’re most taken with the Santorini Princess Spa Hotel. With indoor and outdoor restaurants, bars and cafes, The Princess Spa Hotel also offers some of the most beautiful views on the island. Whilst in Santorini, the options for exploring and experiencing local culture are varied. From small local villages to the historic volcanoes, you can make your trip to Santorini either blissfully peaceful or exciting with sightseeing and exploring.

Where To Stay…

We love the Santorini Princess Spa Hotel, which not only offers some of the most amazing views of the island sunsets, but also some of the breathtaking interiors. From the stunning suites and luxurious rooms to the outdoor spas and pools, the Santorini Princess Spa Hotel is the ultimate romantic destination for couples this Valentine’s Day. It is the only hotel on the island which hangs over the gulf of the Caldera, meaning the views are unrivalled. Combined with the exquisite spa treatments and relaxing environment, you’re sure to leave rejuvenated and relaxed.

The Pool at The Santorini Princess Spa Hotel

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