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Ice Cream Delight

With summer here, it’s time to stimulate our memories and recall those refreshingly creamy treats that place the season high above the rest! Showcasing a series of exquisite, expertly crafted ice cream models that assume a mouth-wateringly lifelike appeal, we have collected a number of inspirational images to prompt the cool taste of summer. These Read More ›


Wenche Lise Fossland Origami Scenes

Never had such a simple use of resources proved to be so creative until the Japanese introduced the inventive art of origami – the process of folding paper sheets to resemble a desired object. The origami produced by Wenche Lise Fossland showcases a series of miniature scenes focused particularly around animals and other forms of Read More ›


Simone Crestani Glass Sculptures

Innovative Vicenza based artist, Simone Crestani, triggered his passion for glass sculpting at the early age of fifteen, after witnessing Venetian Murano craftsmen practicing the traditional Italian art in his hometown. Crestani’s enthusiasm for the skill has today led him into developing his own career within the trade, where he now generates a succession of Read More ›


Leon Jorge Paper Set Designs

The stimulating Paper Set Designs from Spanish graphics designer and art director, Leon Jorge, offers exquisite and quirky hand-crafted props, ranging from an assortment of mixed veggies and seafood arrangements to an intricate flower display. Only when we take a closer look can we identify that the inventive handiwork has been skillfully assembled solely from Read More ›


Javier Perez @cintascotch

Inventive graphic designer and audiovisual producer Javier Perez (aka, CintaScotch) has caught the attentive eye of numerous followers on Instagram, where the forty-seven year old Guayaquil, Ecuador born artist has been showcasing a series of whimsical and engaging designs. Perez has converted everyday objects into witty illustrations and proceeded to photograph each visual, introducing his fans Read More ›



Establishing itself as one of the most renowned watch-makers available today, ToyWatch offers a vast assortment of male, female and unisex products in over 2,000 stores and boutiques across the globe. Each design rebels against the traditional stiffness of existing devises and defies the idea that a watch has to be neat to achieve sophistication. Following Read More ›



Vancouver based photographer Ian Lanterman showcases a sequence of images uniting a series of off-key moments in his collection; Conceptual Still Life. Whilst some of the shots incline towards suggesting ‘posed imagery,’ other scenes replicate the effect of outtakes and movement. Each individual photograph imitates Lanterman’s distinct emphasis on fusing vibrant colour with symmetrical composition for an exceptionally polished finish. Born Read More ›


Chocolatexture by Nendo

Showcasing an imaginative fusion of innovative design and intrepid cocoa manipulation, the Japanese design firm Nendo have invented a compelling new project for the Maison & Objet 2015 tradeshow. The aptly named Chocolatexture concept demonstrates an imaginative and contemporary distortion of the sweet’s visual texture, with Nendo considering how this may alter the taste of Read More ›